Build a World-Class Retail and E-Commerce Warehouse Operation

Consumers are purchasing more items online and expect 2-day delivery. Meanwhile, operations teams are being asked to do more with less. Takt's Labor Management System (LMS) and Warehouse Analytics enable you to build a world-class warehouse operation without long implementations and costly professional services.


Add-On Labor Management Systems (LMS) are letting you down.

Traditional Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) add-on labor management system (LMS) modules are costly to implement, difficult to use, and fail to gain traction. Takt is focused on bringing together all of your data across systems into an easy to use labor management system (LMS) and warehouse analytics platform to empower your team.

Improve Labor Cost

Provide your teams with the real-time insights they need to take action, evolve processes and improve.

View Your Entire Operation

From Network dashboards to individual shift insights, Takt puts the right information in the right hands to make quick decisions.

Find & Retain Top Talent

Provide employee coaching & feedback directly in the platform, and implement variable growth plans based on performance.

Performance by Function

Takt allocates time (including Indirect & Off-Gun) to different areas of your business based on where your team is working.


Take full advantage of your existing systems

Takt helps you get the most of your existing warehouse management system (WMS), returns management system (RMS), time clock, and automation. As the amount of software has increased in the warehouse the visibility across those systems has decreased. Takt brings all of your data together so your team can make better, more informed decisions that increase warehouse productivity.


Increase E-Commerce Warehouse Productivity

Takt provides your warehouse operations teams with the insights they need such as startup time, shutdown time, time off task, efficiency, and utilization to increase labor productivity. Turn every supervisor into an all-star with real-time warehouse insights so they can get the most out of their team.


Engage and Retain Top Performers

E-Commerce and Retail warehouse employees are in high demand. Are you engaging your high performers? Do you know what they are doing that sets them apart from lower performers? Takt helps you identify and reward high performers while providing coaching to lower performers so they can succeed.


Make Warehouse Process Improvements With Confidence

Continuous process improvement is critical to increasing the productivity of your warehouse. Measuring the impact of process changes is difficult and requires manual data analysis. Takt makes it easy for engineers and operations teams to analyze the impact of changes at the unit level and easily update labor standards.


Identify Opportunities for Automation and Track ROI

Robotics and automation are taking over the warehouse. Determining where robotics will have the most impact is critical to achieving the return on investment (ROI) with robotics and automation. Once implemented, Takt helps ensure your team is adopting the automation and getting the most out of your investment.


nGROUP supports North America’s largest retail, manufacturing, and distribution teams, helping them optimize supply chain cost & performance.


nGROUP empowered their world-class 3PL team with Takt to analyze performance, engage employees, and improve processes in real-time.


Takt helped deliver $2.5mm in savings, 20% increase in UPH, and delivered 112% of their target quantity.