nGROUP Performance Partners Uses Takt LMS To Power Retail Peak Season

Macy's Supply Chain partner with nGROUP Performance Partners to  help power their 2021 peak season. With record demand nGROUP and Macy's need closely monitor their warehouse productivity, implement process improvements in real-time to increase labor productivity, and engage their employees. Takt's Labor Management System (LMS) delivered real-time insights to supervisors, industrial engineers, and facility leaders.

Macy's Warehouse








nGROUP Performance Partners, a leading third party logistics (3PL) supports North America’s largest retail, manufacturing, and distribution teams, helping them reduce warehouse labor costs costs & increase labor productivity. Typically, peak season presents the most significant challenge: meeting customer demand while maintaining operational efficiency. In 2021, COVID compounded this challenge by significantly increasing customer purchasing while simultaneously reducing the labor force to the lowest participation rate in recent history.

To optimize a global network spanning numerous facilities, supporting clients including Macy’s, nGROUP Performance Partners needed the ability to keep a finger on the pulse of their team’s performance, quickly identify opportunities for improvement, and provide their teams with the insights necessary to take immediate action.


Takt Labor Management System (LMS) Integrated With The Existing Environment for Full Warehouse Visibility

Takt LMS with WMS

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Takt integrated with Manhattan Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Takt LMS and Time Clock

Time Clock

Takt integrated with Kronos and the nGROUPS proprietary time clock for complete visibility across systems.

Takt LMS with Robotics and Automation

Automation & Robotics

Takt integrated with automated boxers, sorters, and more to provide visibility into productivity in between transactions.

Takt LMS on Mobile


Takt was available on supervisor tablets, laptops, and workstations for easy to


Takt Empowered nGROUP and Macy's to Deliver Results

Create unparalleled insight into the operation

Takt delivers real-time visibility into every facility transaction, including interactive dashboards for facility, shift, and individual performance. Operational leaders are able to easily track critical metrics including Qty, UPH, Direct & Indirect Hours, and non productive time.

Engage employees with coaching and incentives

Takts Employee Engagement features allow supervisors and team leads to understand employee proficiencies, preferences, and progress. With Takt, nGROUP was able to identify and incentivizing high performers, allowing them to focus support, praise, rewards, and growth opportunities.

Review freight mix and driving factors of waste

Takt enables nGROUP to review and forecast work content to better plan shifts and staffing. Takt also provides operations teams with visibility into the factors that contribute to waste, including Time Off Task, and Downtime.


Learn more about how Takt can increase your Warehouse Productivity

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