To promote the potential of the teams and individuals who power the world's logistics operations.

Exceptional performance is achieved by empowered teams. At Takt, we are dedicated to connecting every team member to individual, facility, and organizational goals, and the corresponding potential for growth and advancement.

Our Company Values

Lead with Integrity and Accountability

We act with integrity and accountability in everything we do - It is the foundation of every interaction: with our customers, colleagues, and communities.

Be a Partner - Not a provider

We seek to understand and learn from our customers, so that their voice is present in everything we build. Ultimately, we only succeed when our customers succeed.

Diverse Opinions Deliver Stronger Outcomes

We value unique perspectives as a defining strength. Conversations that challenge our opinions are welcome, and always respectful.

Win and Lose as a Team


We accomplish amazing things by elevating our collective goals above egos and individual ambitions. We support, challenge, and rely on our teammates every day.

Take Action and Iterate


We believe that empowered people do powerful things. We take initiative, experiment, adapt, and evolve. 

Keep It Simple


Time is limited in supply. We seek to make the most efficient use of it, removing complexity wherever possible. We strive for beauty, simplicity, and intuitive design in the systems we build.


Leadership Team

Glynn LoPresti


Noah MacMichael


Alex Rhea


Building the Future of Labor Management Systems for the Continuous Improvement Era.